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The Great Pause:

This year, the way the world sells has been turned on its head.

If you're like most online retailers, you've probably seen dramatic changes in your business. Even if sales are up, many sellers are noticing challenges they never saw before. How can you adapt and thrive in this new ecommerce paradigm?

Learn what international sellers already know: expanding beyond your borders can help you offset a challenging market at home, and find new shoppers in uncertain times. PayPal's 2020 Borderless Commerce Report gives you everything you need to get your cross-border strategy up and running.

Start by exploring our interactive map. Download the report and explore how cross-border trade can help mitigate external shocks like COVID-19

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Spotlight Countries

Our 2020 PayPal Borderless Commerce Report takes a deep at the cross-border commerce opportunities in these 12 markets:

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